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Lucinda’s favorite 30 second brain breaks

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

During times of stress, maintaining our emotional equilibrium can be very challenging. And learning new things can be all but impossible. But according to Dr. Bruce Perry, it can take as little as 25 to 30 seconds to rewire our brains for calm and alert learning.

Here are my favorite brain breaks that keep me going while I work and learn at home:


Holding a twist for 15 seconds to each side feels so good! It gets the blood flowing and makes my back happier.

Deep or rhythmic breathing

Anchoring my feet to the floor and my hands to my knees helps calm me more quickly.

Repetitive movements

Walking, pacing, tapping my hands together, flapping my arms like a bird, anything!


If I turn off my video during a meeting, I could be dancing like no one is watching.

Nature observation

Looking out the window at trees, birds, clouds, anything in nature has proven benefits. I find it works even better for me if I can hear natural sounds.

Tactile stimulation

Moving things around on my desk, playing with cards, dice, a stuffed animal or my favorite fidget help keep me focused.

Superhero poses

My favorites are the Wonder Woman and the One-Fisted Flying Superhero. It feels good, and it’s fun!

What are your favorite 30 second breaks? Try out some new ones and see how it goes!

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