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Lucinda Martinelli

Creator and Director

Whole Planet Consulting

Lucinda Martinelli, the creator and director of Whole Planet Consulting, has been creating and leveraging teachable moments since 1991.  As a master facilitator, trainer and educator, Lucinda brings her wealth of experience to her engaging training programs. She regularly provides professional development for educators in schools and outdoor centers who want to build a collaborative culture, empower students to learn and rekindle the joy of teaching and learning. 


Lucinda regularly speaks at regional, national and international conferences and is an active member of the Association for Experiential Education, the Michigan Science Teachers Association, the Michigan Alliance of Outdoor and Environmental Educators  and the Association for Challenge Course Technology. 

Lucinda Martinelli
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I firmly believe that meeting with Lucinda contributed to my success last year when teaching during a pandemic. I HIGHLY recommend Whole Planet Consulting!

— Kaitlin Fischer, HS Math and Physics teacher

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"Lucinda was a master at facilitating the activities and helping our students make the connections to graduate school, working as a team, community building, etc.  She is a gem and we feel very fortunate to have worked with her."

Monica Marvin, Associate Director,

UM Genetic Counseling Program

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To teach educators to create and leverage teachable moments.

You are an educator if you help people learn about the world, about themselves, or about their work.

You have experienced the joy of a teachable moment if you have guided someone to ask questions, wonder about the world, challenge a belief or discover something new. 

Our mission is to teach educators to intentionally create these moments, and to make the most of them when they arise, to rekindle the joy of teaching and learning in any setting.


To empower every educator with the skills to build a collaborative culture, empower students to learn and find joy in teaching and learning

  The most effective educators create a community of inquiry, guiding respectful, equitable, productive conversation for academic, social and emotional learning.  Unfortunately, very few educator training programs teach the skills needed to be effective. 

We envision a time when every educator is equipped with these skills.

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