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Where did the name come from?

A note from Lucinda

     Whole Planet Consulting was born out of decades of teaching environmental and outdoor education.  I saw there was a real need for education about our planet and the effect we all have on it.  

     At the same time, I was facilitating groups who were learning to work together.  Some of them struggled to communicate, to respect each other and to solve many of the challenges set before them. I also met some fantastic teachers who taught me so much!

     I realized that without working together, the problems of our planet will remain unsolved.  I also realized that the people who can have perhaps the greatest impact are teachers, and they feel the weight of that responsibility every day.  

     Much later, I realized that I could have a role.  The art and skills of facilitation are valuable to educators, inside the classroom or outside. The lessons I've learned from my students, and the wonderful teachers I've known throughout the last three decades, are lessons every teacher will benefit from. 

     And Whole Planet was born.

     When a classroom or workplace has a collaborative atmosphere and a culture that values working together, where people are comfortable enough with each other to work side by side, anything can be accomplished!  When that happens, our planet and the people in it will be more whole. 

     Whole Planet Consulting is dedicated to this purpose.

     Join me and become part of the Whole.

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