About Lucinda Martinelli

Lucinda delivers interactive, engaging training programs that teach educators to guide academic, social and emotional learning.  She works with educators in schools and outdoor centers who want to build a collaborative culture, empower students to learn and

rekindle their joy of teaching.

During the last three decades, Lucinda has worked in classrooms, after school programs and outdoor experiential education settings transforming groups of students and adults into fully functioning teams.  She is passionate about training educators of all kinds in the skills needed to transform the classroom and the learning process into a collaborative and exciting adventure.   

Lucinda is the creator and director of Whole Planet Consulting.  She lives in Ann Arbor Michigan where she also works as a Lead Facilitator for the University of Michigan Adventure Leadership program and a certified Challenge Course Manager and trainer.  She regularly speaks at regional, national and international conferences.  She is an active member of the Association for Experiential Education, the Michigan Science Teachers Association, the Michigan Alliance of Outdoor and Environmental Educators  and the Association for Challenge Course Technology. 

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