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Differentiated Instruction 
for Student Engagement and Motivation

Create a school culture of collaboration and success

“I have seen a 15 point gain in math and science scores on the state standardized test, which helped our school meet its AYP/API, and I have not sent a single student to the office all year.  Time To Teach has helped me successfully teach second language learners, children with ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, learning disabilities, disenfranchised youth, and impoverished students.”

James Turner, Middle School Teacher, Lompoc, California

DI book

Bring new life to your classroom! 

Foster a culture of collaboration by meeting students where they are.  

This one day seminar offers strategies to infuse into your current lessons to:

  • connect with your students  

  • increase participation 

  • Increase self-efficacy

  • help all students thrive

When students are engaged, disruptions are diminished and you enjoy your job more!  

Time to Teach is a research based set of strategies.  Schools that implement Time to Teach see increased                             

  • student scores

  • parental involvement

  • parental support

  • teacher job satisfaction

  • disciplinary referrals

  • suspensions

  • drop out rates 

and decreased

Student Engagement

and Motivation

Click here for a sample agenda

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