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Create a school culture of collaboration and success

SEL Implementation and

Inquiry Based Learning

Facilitation for the 21st century classroom

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SEL, Productive Talk and the Teacher's role

Teaching is changing!  

More and more, teachers are being asked to guide conversations between students for academic, social and emotional learning.  Unfortunately in many cases, teachers have never been taught how!  And adding one more curriculum doesn't always do the trick.

This interactive, engaging training equips teachers with the framework and strategies to implement your school's SEL and academic curricula.  We provide the models and context for teachers to understand when, why and how classroom activities and teacher moves will work with their students.  Teachers leave our workshops with the skills to facilitate conversation to maximize learning in the classroom.  

Custom SEL curriculum, coaching and implementation consulting is also available.

“Thank you for reminding me to think differently about what I do and giving me real strategies to use right away! ”

Jennifer Borders, 6th grade teacher, Harper Creek Schools, Michigan

Teachers who master these skills see


and decreased

  • student engagement

  • student scores

  • job satisfaction

  • classroom interruptions

  • behavior referrals

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