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Classroom Management

Create a school culture of collaboration and success

DI book

“The number of student referrals in our middle school has dropped 30% on average, every year over the past three years.  It is because of Time to Teach that I can say with pride, “Every day I teach!”

Keith Johnson, Teacher/Technology Director, Reading Community Schools, Michigan

A collaborative classroom begins with a teacher who has consistent behavioral expectations and knows how to follow through.

This one day seminar offers strategies you can use right away to address low level behavioral issues in your classroom.  Using these strategies, you can

  • decrease discipline challenges 

  • eliminate multiple warnings and repeated requests

  • empower students to learn appropriate classroom behavior

  • develop rapport and expand parental involvement

  • teach more of your curriculum! 

Time to Teach is a research based set of strategies.  Schools that implement Time to Teach see increased                             

  • student scores

  • parental involvement

  • parental support

  • teacher job satisfaction

  • disciplinary referrals

  • suspensions

  • drop out rates.  

Click here for a sample agenda.

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Classroom Management

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