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Create a school culture of collaboration and success

Custom Training

Social Emotional Learning and

Inquiry Based Learning

In the Classroom

In Person Training
Techniques for SEL Instruction
Integrating SEL and Academics
Techniques for Inquiry Based Learning

Whole Planet Consulting Professional Development is an investment in the long term success of both teachers and students, giving teachers  the tools to manage classroom culture, gauge social emotional readiness and adapt to changing conditions.   

Teachers are often given SEL curricula which have great activities, but without context or models to help utilize them with their students.  Teacher moves for managing inquiry in the classroom are sometimes learned piecemeal without the overarching understanding of how they work together.  This leads to money wasted on SEL curriculum and PD that just doesn't work. 

Whole Planet Consulting professional development gives teachers the skills to implement any curriculum by providing the models and context to understand whenwhy and how classroom activities and teacher moves will work with their students.  Workshops are interactive, engaging and immediately applicable to the classroom.  Some services can be delivered virtually. 

Every school has unique needs and circumstances.  All Whole Planet Consulting services are customized for your school or district.  Contact Lucinda for a free consultation today!

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