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Create a school culture of collaboration and success

Custom Consulting Services

Social Emotional Learning Implementation

SEL Assessment Walkthrough
Schoolwide Alignment of
Classroom Practices
Discipline Practices
School Supports
School Vision and Mission

Let Whole Planet Consulting help you live your mission!

The introduction of an SEL curriculum is one step in the implementation of Social Emotional Learning, but it doesn't guarantee success.  

Building a positive school culture needs a firm social emotional learning foundation along with the alignment of classroom practices, discipline practices and school supports with an overall vision.

Whole Planet Consulting offers comprehensive facilitation services to walk you through the assessment and alignment process.  Our step by step process involves stakeholders at every level and works well alongside Response to Intervention, Trauma Informed Education, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and many popular SEL curricula.  

Every school has unique needs and circumstances.  All Whole Planet Consulting services are customized for your school or district.  Contact Lucinda for a free consultation today!

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