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Crear y aprovechar los momentos de aprendizaje toma muchas formas.  Whole Planet Consulting ofrece una variedad de servicios para su escuela, su distrito, su negocio o para usted mismo.  Todos los servicios son personalizado para adaptarse mejor a sus necesidades.


For facilitators, teachers, trainers and group leaders of all kinds

Many of us have discovered that we CAN create and enhance relationships and make magic in the virtual context.  This book is a collection of insights from members of the Virtual Practice Group and is for anyone who wants to learn skills and tips on how to facilitate powerful sessions virtually.

Through the process of practicing and growing our skills via the Practice group we have all helped each other expand our virtual skills.  We are sharing this collection of our experiences as we overcame the many obstacles while facilitating meetings, conferences, classes and training virtually.

Virtual facilitation is here to stay and if you are willing to embrace this and add these skills to your tool belt, then YOU TOO can make magic virtually!

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