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Crear y aprovechar los momentos de aprendizaje toma muchas formas.  Whole Planet Consulting ofrece una variedad de servicios para su escuela, su distrito, su negocio o para usted mismo.  Todos los servicios son personalizado para adaptarse mejor a sus necesidades.


For facilitators, teachers, trainers and group leaders of all kinds

Many of us have discovered that we CAN create and enhance relationships and make magic in the virtual context.  This book is a collection of insights from members of the Virtual Practice Group and is for anyone who wants to learn skills and tips on how to facilitate powerful sessions virtually.

Contents (Sample)

Section 1: Articles

  • The Best of Both Worlds - Jim Cain

  • Handling the Awkward Pause - Lucinda Martinelli

  • Cultivating Empathy & Connection in a Virtual World - Angie B Moline, PhD

  • Learning Virtual Learning - Lisa Loveday

  • The Three Realms of Virtual Facilitation - Dan Miller

  • Virtual Conferences that Feel like You're in the Room - John Losey

...and many more!

Section II: Virtual Activities

  • Ceiling clock - Tom Heck

  • Kaizen Card Challenge - Lucinda Martinelli

  • Virtual Discovery Maze - Kema Geroux

  • Higher and Lower - Jeff Goldberg

  • Honeycomb Virtual Sliders - Scott Moulton

... and many more!


Tech Teach and Production Notes

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