Create a school culture of collaboration and success

Facilitation for the 21st century classroom

Coaching for Educators and Parents

This school year is like no other.  Teachers and parents need support to make their way through it all.  

Coaching with Whole Planet Consulting is a small investment with a big return. Choose a one on one session or grab a group of up to five people for the same price! 


Lucinda is amazing!! Anyone who gets the chance to brainstorm with her get so much help and wonderful ideas!”

Christie Miga, Middle School teacher, Orlando, Floriada

Choose your topic:

  • Online community building

  • In person, distanced strategies and activities

  • Hybrid strategies and activities

  • Support for students at home

  • Social and emotional strategies

  • Student engagement

  • Social and emotional support for teachers

  • Anything you need!

**For a limited time, all sessions are FREE!**

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